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Need Some Guidance?

No journey is as bumpy and winding as life. 

You may find yourself at a crossroads

Should you feel lost or uncertain about 

which direction to take next, 

Minh Clare will help guide you find the best path.​


Sessions by Phone or Zoom or in Person​​​​​

Do you believe in a predestined path and want to know what the future holds? Perhaps you want to challenge fate and take matters into your own hands? Regardless of your belief, Minh Clare will help you interpret the map of your life and guide you in choosing the next step.

An individual reading is a very special connection with spirit. Minh Clare’s readings hone in on a person’s core issues quickly and expand from there with accuracy and visionary insight. She can conduct readings in person in San Diego, California. Minh Clare can also accommodate clients throughout the country via phone or Skype.

Individual Readings by Phone or Video Conference

Kundalini Activtion Process (KAP)

 KAP is a powerful energy healing modality.

It will remove energetic body obstructions, 

correct the flow of energy and enliven every cell in your body, 

to help you realize your highest potential 

and step into your inner wisdom & infinite power!


Schedule a Session  ➡️➡️➡️

Please call  or text 858-829-7522

if you cannot find your desired time to book an appointment .


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